For some time now, I have been considering starting a blog. Apart from the fact that writing makes me feel good, headhunters insist that having an online presence is the only way to land that highly coveted job, and what better way to establish and maintain an online presence than blogging. Moreover, whatever I am today, and whatever I am ever going to become, and I have a feeling I will do fine, is mostly because of my long time romance with the world of books. Knowing how much power the written word has to inform, transform and lead people to perform, I decided I was going to add my writing to that of so many others.

So What Will I be Blogging About?

Several things. I have toyed with many ideas, all having to do with one aspect of who I am: a child of God, an attorney, a wife, a mother, and so much more. So it was that yesterday I decided to get  started anyway, with anything. I went over to WordPress to open a blog: ‘Talesofkindness’ – a blog that was going to be a forum for people to tell stories of kindness and good deeds they received from others. It was going to be my attempt to inspire more good deeds from my readers.

I didn’t start a blog with that title. When I entered my blog name: Talesofkindness. WordPress suggested ‘.co’ not ‘.com’ as the domain name. I knew instinctively that someone was already writing my blog. A quick Google search of course confirmed my hunch. My blog already existed and it is a website (  that provide a forum for people to tell  stories of kindness and good deeds they received from others. I was happy someone was already doing what I had in mind but I was left with that feeling I often had in high school when I hesitated to answer a question in a class only for another more courageous student to give the answer I had in mind – and it turned out to be correct – to the admiration and praise of the teacher. I had the feeling again when this morning I decided to blog about Immigration law with a title: Immigrationmatters, only to realize that already existed.

So after yesterday and this morning, I resolved to procrastinate no more. I decided I wasn’t going to let someone else start every idea I have in mind before I get around to starting it. I decided to be the student who stood up to answer the question. So, I am going to be blogging about the private musings of this christian attorney who also happens to be an immigrant in the United States.

I will do my best to maintain this online presence hoping that from time to time, I will write something that will inform, transform, and hopefully move you, my dear reader, to do some good.

And by the way, I also hope my blog comes up when those headhunters google my name.

Ride along with me. I promise it will be a fun ride!

Anne Mmeje

Published by annemmeje

Hello, I am Anne: Lawyer, Inspirational Blogger, Christian, Freelance Writer, and Mediator. My job is to inspire you to be the best you can be. Let's get started!

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