A Note of Gratitude to My Blog Community

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When I started blogging, I never envisaged that my blog will become what it is today – a community of like minds inspiring one another and exchanging ideas on how to improve themselves and make their communities better places to live. I have been impressed with the class of people my blog attracts – mostly Nigeria’s educated who often times are more successful and knowledgeable than I am; people in whose hands it lies to change our country in the face of a struggling government. My stats also show me there are many readers from other countries. I am deeply grateful to you because your contributions helped set the tone for what this blog has become.

In one of my earliest posts, The Price for Nigeria’s Indifference to Maintaining Records, I had lamented the lack of records in Nigeria and how it had created a fertile ground for corruption to thrive in our country but with the first two comments on the post, I understood that Nigerians were tired of rehashing our many woes and rather preferred ideas on how to move forward. And since then, that is what this blog has been about; highlighting areas we need to improve on and more importantly emphasizing that we have to each become the change we want. With each post and your comments, I have become a better person. When I considered further narrowing down my niche, one of you advised me to write the posts as they come, as inspired, so that having to decide what is or isn’t appropriate for a target audience doesn’t dull me. I listened. Another suggested that there should be no named villains. Thank you.

Fear, then Courage
I had feared that by blogging and making my thoughts and opinions known, I would expose myself to criticism; that if I made a misstep, I could well be told: ‘Teacher, teach thyself’. Flawed as I am, I know I should be the last person making suggestions on how anybody can improve their lives. But then I remembered how people and books I had read made positive impact in my life and I knew I couldn’t deny others the pleasure of learning something new, however minute from me. I reckoned that if Max Lucado, one of the most influential christian writers of our time had given in to his own fears, then millions including myself wouldn’t have had the privilege of reading his numerous works. While I struggled with fears of my weakness, I came across a quote from Ambrose Redmooon that ‘Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear’. I knew then that what I had set out to do was much more noble than my own fear of being judged or found out. I thank you for not having judged me, for being civil even when we have different perspectives on a subject. And it is a paradox that now, my posts and your comments have actually made me a better person. I have had to make better judgements because from time to time I remember something I blogged about and knew that I shouldn’t do something I criticized in a post. This post, has helped me to be more patient with my child and the inspirational posts have made me more aware of what we can achieve if we unlock the power we have within us. Blogging has been therapeutic for me. It has helped me realize that I know very little and has pushed me to research and read more to improve myself. It wouldn’t have been possible without your support and encouragement, online and offline. So, thank you.

We Can Do This
Unfortunately, we live in a society where we are constantly bombarded with news of all the ills in the world; Oddities make use. My vision is that anytime someone visits my blog, they will leave better and happier than they came; they will be inspired by stories of people who are doing it right. I hope that we focus on the many good things in our world and not on the negative. And so far, through your edifying comments often illustrated with your very insightful personal stories, you have helped make this blog a haven for others.

Thank you for being a member of this community. You have made me a better person and I do hope that this blog also help you in some way. Someone told me they had wanted to print out one of my posts to give someone who they felt needed it at the time. I was glad to hear that. And I do hope you also do so when you feel the need to. Some of you are already sharing my links on your Facebook posts and have offered that I share my posts on your walls. I am eternally grateful to you. I also know that many of you don’t find the time to comment. While I would love it very much if you do, I do understand how pressed for time we all are.

So thank you once again, my esteemed readers and contributors. I am honored by your support and I am convinced that with your will and knowledge, we will be a force for good, changing our communities one day at a time.

Finally, if you have something you have been trying to do but have been putting off, please don’t procrastinate anymore. There will never be a right time to start it. When you do start it, you will realize you are actually more prepared than you thought. So go for your dreams and you will be amazed at how much gift God has given you.

Thank You.

9 responses to “A Note of Gratitude to My Blog Community”

  1. Grace Benjamin Avatar
    Grace Benjamin

    Thank you Ann. You are doing a good work. I am always inspired after reading your posts. Do post on my wall too for my friends to benefit from your work.


    1. annemmeje Avatar

      Thank you very much, Grace. You have been there from the start and I pray that God will bless your dreams and aspirations. I appreciate your generous offer and it will go a long way to increase my bog’s readership. I am grateful to you.


  2. Ifunanya Mbakwe Avatar
    Ifunanya Mbakwe

    I will also say that when you get started, you will realise how much time you had actually wasted. We always think so little of ourselves, not understanding how powerful we are and how much change we can make. Let’s say no to procastination. We just need to own how great we are. You are doing a good job, Anne. Keep it up!


    1. annemmeje Avatar

      Thank you, Sister. You are quite right about how powerful we are. Your story is an inspiration to me and many others. I appreciate the role you and my other siblings have played in my life. And I do hope we will continue to be instruments of change in our communities.


  3. touchinglives Avatar

    Sis Anne as foundy called by her loyal fans while in Madonna University. And I add nwaoma( a lady with a beautiful heart and face). Make no mistake, I never knew you can write this way though I do know you are very smart reserved lady who observes with one corner of the eyes while smiling wit cheerful jokes to relax the uneasyness folks may feel when you taunt them lol. You have thought me a whole lot of information over this few months. I do hope, I’ll find time out of my busy schedule to read your articles.

    In respect to you last paragraph, you are so right on procastination. Personally, I never knew I can write in detail not to talk of blogging. Just two weeks ago, I receive a call from one of the rising African organization Africanconnectonline.com to be their writter. To be frank with you, I was suprised when the team said, they read about my blog and felt I was the right person they have been waiting for despite receiving many entries. Am like really? considering my experences with some indviduals who feel I am from another part of the world when I write lol, but God has indeed been faithful to me over time. I bless him! That’s just part one. Again, it may interest you to know my first blog was on procastination entitled ” Procastination the grave way that leads to death.

    Keep doing the good work you are doing (Jisike nwaoma lol). All things being equal, I’ll join you next week lol.


    1. annemmeje Avatar

      Henry, you got some laugh out of me with that Madonna part, lol! You know, I once saw a quote you wrote on Facebook that we should first strive to be significant then success will follow. I kept it in mind and it has been a source of inspiration to me. And now, you are a proof of that. Big congratulations on your work with Africanconnectonline.com. It is story like yours that we love to share here to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and pursue their dreams. I did read your post on procrastination when you posted it. It’s a good one. Let’s keep working together and I am sure the synergy will help make our country a better place to live. Thank you for sharing your story. You are definitely one to watch out for. I have a feeling you will be relevant in Nigerian politics soon.


  4. chiks Avatar

    Nwanne m, I try to b formal whenever I comment on your blog but permit me just this once informal intro #winks# . About your blogs, this is only one of the nuemerous things I know you can do well on, so for those of us who know you well we expect nothing less #toughs out#. On a more serious note I applaude your efforts and dedication dear. I have read all your blogs sorry I don’t comment as much but just know your efforts are appreciated and you are making a great difference.

    P.S go ahead and post on my wall, I dnt even know why you waited for my authorisation , you know I won’t ask for your permission if the reverse was the case lol because somethings are implied.


    1. annemmeje Avatar

      Thank you, Chiks, for your kind comments and encouragement. I sincerely appreciate the offer to post on your wall.


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