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Please don’t use your dictionary. Take the quiz. Write your answer on a sheet of paper. When you are done, check how many answers you got right here. If you get at least 15 out of 20 right, let me know in the comments section. I will send the first person to get at least 15 correct Theodore Bernstein’s The Careful Writer. If the winner is in Nigeria, please I will need a postal address to send it. Good luck.

1. Adjure /uh-JOOR/ = (a) to forswear, disavow; (b) to request earnestly, beseech; (c) to put off to another day; (d) to dismiss.

2. Adventitious /ad-ven-TISH-uhs/ = (a) beneficial; (b) advantageous, propitious; (c) characterized by braggadocio about one’s exploits; (d) accidental, extraneous, entering by chance.

3. Apothegm /AP-uh-them/ = (a) pithy saying; (b) pharmaceutical prescription; (c) a syllogism with an implied premise; (d) something that is spiral-shaped.

4. Bowdlerize /BOWD-luh-ryze/ = (a) to chastise; (b) to expunge taboo words or nasty passages; (c) to print privately; (d) to harangue at length.

5. Chimerical /kye-MER-i-kuhl/ = (a) contemplative, reflective; (b) imaginary, having no real existence except in thought; (c) monstrous; (d) of or relating to Greek characters.

6. Cozened /KUHZ-uhnd/ = (a) conceived in wedlock; (b) defrauded, cheated; (c) favored; (d) pampered.

7. Demesne /di-MEEN/ = (a) lineage; (b) control; (c) face; (d) estate, manor house and land.

8. Dissembling /di-SEM-bling/ = (a) giving a false impression, feigning; (b) taking apart; (c) not resembling; (d) having a dissimilar sound.

9. Lucubration /loo-k[y]oo-BRAY-shuhn/ = (a) thoughtlessness; (b) lack of clarity; (c) laborious study, meditation; (d) the lighting of one’s messuage.

10. Factious /FAK-shuhs/ = (a) authoritative; (b) easily breakable; (c) given to party strife, captious; (d) artificial.

11. Irrefragable /i-ri-FRAG-uh-buhl/ = (a) undeniable, irrefutable; (b) unbendable; (c) strong; (d) rebuttable.

12. Legerdemain /lej-uhr-di-MAYN/ = (a) sleight of hand; (b) bookkeeping; (c) the making of false records; (d) official malfeasance.

13. Malefaction /mal-i-FAK-shuhn/ = (a) the production of unnutritious mother’s milk; (b) evil deed, crime; (c) a man’s accomplishment; (d) dissatisfaction.

14. Noisome /NOY-suhm/ = (a) outrageously loud; (b) quarrelsome; (c) offensive, extremely disgusting; (d) destructive.

15. Paean /PEE-uhn/ = (a) a dirge, song or poem of lament; (b) a wood nymph; (c) a song of praise or triumph; (d) a Roman demigod.

16. Privation /prye-VAY-shuhn/ = (a) breach of privacy; (b) the absence of what is needed, destitution; (c) economy; (d) a defect.

17. Quisling /KWIZ-ling/ = (a) an infant found at a doorstep; (b) an accomplished test-taker; (c) a merchant seaman; (d) a traitor.

18. Restive /REST-iv/ = (a) impatient; (b) restful, at ease; (c) unable to relax, continually moving; (d) laborious.

19. Truculence /TRUHK-yuh-luhnts/ = (a) fierceness, ferocity; (b) rusticity, country life; (c) immateriality combined with irrelevancy; (d) servility.

20. Weal /weel/ = (a) well-being, prosperity; (b) personal effects; (c) foodstuffs; (d) cartilage.

P.S: Feel it is difficult but you know someone who can ace it, refer them to try it.

Update: I just got a report that some of you are unable to access the link that contains the answers. So here they are: 1.B 2.D 3.A 4.B 5.B 6.B 7.D 8.A 9.C 10.C 11.A 12.A 13.B 14.C 15.C 16.B 17.D 18.C 19.A 20.A. I am very sorry for the glitch.

Also there appears to be a misconception that I got 14 correct. It wasn’t in this test. It was another. I am not familiar with some of these vocabularies. I got familiar with them after I took the quiz. We are all learning together. Thank you, as always for visiting my blog.

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2 thoughts on “VOCABULARY QUIZ

    1. Wao,impressive. Good job. I didn’t get that much correct. But like you, I am happy I learned new words. I appreciate your visits and contributions to the blog. Thank you.


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