I Missed Mass Once Because of Daylight Saving Time

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So on Sunday, we got an hour of extra sleep because we switched our clocks one hour back. I know, it’s a strange concept for those who are unfamiliar with it. So in the U.S and some other countries in the world, the Daylight Saving Time concept is used to maximize daylight in Spring and Summer.

At a specified time in March every year, everybody switches their clock one hour ahead. The effect is that when the time should have been 7pm, it is 8pm. So in the peak of summer, you can still see with daylight till about 9pm. In the fall however, like last Sunday, we switch backwards so that as early as 5pm (when it should actually be 6pm), it’s already dark; there’s less outdoor activities in fall and winter so you might as well get home early by artificial early sunset. To help you remember which time of the year you switch back or forth, bear this in mind–You spring forward in Spring, and fall back in Fall.

Switching time back and forth comes with its downside. One Sunday in March, my family and I got to mass in the morning and noticed people were already leaving the church. We were confused until we remembered we had forgotten to switch our clocks forward the night before. So our clocks showed 8am while others who remembered to change theirs had theirs reading 9am. Masses take only an hour here so we missed the mass. I don’t remember if we did but we probably made up for it by going to an evening mass. That was the only time I’ve been affected by it. Thanks to phone companies who automatically update the times on phones or stories of missed appointments will be more common.

So my friends in Nigeria, it used to be nine hours difference between us but it’s now eight hours till March. We don’t use Daylight Saving Time in Nigeria. I don’t know if we have need for. Scientists in the house, over to you.

P.S. Readers who are in countries that use DST, ever missed an appointment because you forgot to switch your watch? My Naija peeps, it’s a strange and confusing concept right? Read more about daylight saving time here.

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