An Inspirational Story About TY Bello’s Bread Seller: A Lesson in the Importance of Showing Up



On a day last week, Jumoke woke up a bread-seller. Little did she know that later that day, with a click of a camera, her life would change forever.

Photographer and Singer TY Bello was having a photo shoot session with Nigerian-UK rapper, Tinie Tempah for ThisDay Style Magazine when Jumoke Orisaguna happened to be passing by (the first picture above). When TY Bello shared the photo on her social media page, people started asking who the lady was and if she was a model. Moved by reactions to the photo TY Bello commenced a search for the Agege bread seller.

She later found her (I read somewhere that Jumoke learned that she’d gone viral when someone showed her the picture on internet and told her everyone was talking about her) and announced on her Instagram page that she was going to help her kick-start a modelling career. Today, the 27-years old mother of two, is on the cover of ThisDay Style Magazine (Second Picture).

Jumoke’s story is a lesson in the importance of showing up. If Jumoke, being unemployed, stayed at home pinging away rather than starting something, however small, like she did, she wouldn’t have walked into Ty Bello’s picture and her life definitely wouldn’t have changed.

I have had people tell me how they applied for jobs they obviously didn’t qualify for but which they got, sometimes earning four times what they earned at their previous jobs. In some cases, even after being employed, they didn’t know how to go about the job responsibilities attached to the new job but they faked it till they made it. If they didn’t apply for the jobs, they wouldn’t have been considered for the positions. This reinforces the Igbo adage that says onye mmiri huru ukwu ya ka o na-ama , only a person whose legs are outside gets beaten by the rain.

So however seemingly unimportant your day job, side hustle, even volunteer gig is, keep doing it. You don’t want your TY Bello to show up only to learn that you have quit. Chance favors the prepared so live as if you are awaiting a bigger role you are destined to play in life.

We wish Jumoke more success in life as her story continues to inspire us. Have you ever landed an opportunity merely because you were at the right place at the right time? Do share in the comments section.

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