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After a seeming long wait since Nigeria’s election on February 23rd, Nigeria’s electoral body, INEC, announced that President Muhammadu Buhari will have another four years to take Nigeria to the “Next Level”. The announcement was met with mostly mixed feelings. While the president in the past four years successfully, for the most part, defeated Boko Haram and increased agricultural output, the economy suffered depression under his leadership and is still recovering.

After all is said and done, however, the burden lies on Nigerians, individually, to do what we can to build our country. For the past month, I have been researching on how to help Nigeria’s teeming unemployed youths find job. I launched Intern Nigeria, which I wrote about briefly before. The goal is to help job seekers find jobs. I haven’t figured out everything yet, but for a start, please answer the questions below, if you can, to help us know exactly how to help. My target is to help people who are currently unemployed, who earn zero income. If you are underemployed, you are already on the right track, and would not need my help much. If you are employed or an employer of labor, please also help in answering the questions and provide ideas on how to tackle unemployment in Nigeria.

1. What university degrees in Nigeria guarantees immediate employment after graduation the most?
2. What trades/skills do not require a formal education, are in demand, require minimal capital, and are easy to learn and set up?
3. What skills are in high demand but have little supply?
4. If you are unemployed, what is the greatest challenge you face in finding a job or owning a business?

Obviously, I don’t have monetary resources to solve these problems but my little research in the past month revealed that some States, including Lagos, offer training to unemployed people and provide loans to small businesses. I also believe that when we start looking for answers, God provides the resources.

Please feel free to leave a response in the comment section or email me at I also have the  survey up on my Facebook page and will use answers from all platforms to decide the next steps to take.

Thank you.

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