Intern or Learn a Skill to Earn N5,000 Per Month for Six Months – Application Open

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Our goal at Intern Nigeria is to prepare unemployed youths for the labor market by providing them resources and encouraging them to create opportunities for themselves. You can read previous posts on the website to learn how we are doing that.

In light of this goal, we are seeking applications from unemployed youths who we will give a  stipend of N5,000 per  month for Six months to learn a skill, or intern with an organization that  will lead to employment.  Application will close on March 27, 2019. Maximum of five winners will be announced on March 30, 2019 and the first payment will go out on April 1, 2019. Keep in mind that to continue receiving payment for the following five months, recipients will be required to show progress and prove that they are on track to meeting the goal of earning a living by the end of six months. Priority will be given to applicants who choose trades/skills they can easily master and set up themselves within six months. Braiding hair, tailoring, painting, teaching in a school, etc. are some suggested skills.

Please note applicants are responsible for finding a place to intern or learn a skill. Applicants are encouraged to approach as many businesses as possible to secure an opportunity for the program.
To qualify, applicants must be following Intern Nigeria on Facebook and must provide answers to the following questions via email to All inquiries should be sent to that address as well. Also note that all information provided will be verified by Intern Nigeria before an award can be made.

  1. Your name
  2. Age
  3. Highest education attained
  4. Current  monthly income
  5. Skill you intend to learn
  6. Employer or person who will teach you the  trade/skill; their name, phone number, and  address
  7. Your  city of residence and  address
  8. Your email address
  9. Why you think this program  will help you earn a living at the end of six months
  10. Any other reason why you think you should be granted an opportunity to be part of the program

Please share this opportunity with people who may need it. Good luck.


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