The Audacity of Hope: A Lesson from the Chinese Bamboo Tree

I recently came across the story of the Chinese bamboo tree and from it I learned lessons in perseverance, hard work, hope and patience. I hope you too learn a thing or two from it. The Chinese bamboo tree, when planted, requires the care of the farmer and the help of the elements to helpContinue reading “The Audacity of Hope: A Lesson from the Chinese Bamboo Tree”

A Different Perspective on Nepotism

In 2008, after I learnt that I had been posted to Katsina State for my National Youth Service, I got in contact with a former classmate from Abuja Law School who was a Northerner. He assured me that he had connections in Katsina and that he would see to it that my primary assignment wouldContinue reading “A Different Perspective on Nepotism”

The Hesitant Haggler

Egoamaka didn’t like haggling. Once Egoamaka got to Main Market and settled on a shop and the trader to patronize, she immediately bonded with the seller, confiding in him that she wanted a product with a superior quality. And once the seller reassured her ‘M ga-eme gi ofuma‘, I will do you well, Egoamaka feltContinue reading “The Hesitant Haggler”

Linda Ikeji’s New 24m Car: An Inspiration and Evidence of the Growing Nigerian Middle Class

Popular Nigerian political blogger, Omojuwa, wrote of his first encounter with former president, Olusegun Obasanjo. According to him, Obasanjo had given a speech in a foreign country and during the question-and-answer session, Omojuwa, characteristically, stood up to ask him questions that implied that he, Obasanjo, was part of the Nigerian problem. As expected,Obasanjo defended himselfContinue reading “Linda Ikeji’s New 24m Car: An Inspiration and Evidence of the Growing Nigerian Middle Class”

TMZ and Beyonce, Rice, Elevator Videos.

TV programs such as TMZ Live that focus on celebrity gossips are popular because they satisfy our curiosity to know what happens in the lives of the stars we see on TV. However, if we take a while to consider what value, if any, they add to our lives, we may watch them less often.Continue reading “TMZ and Beyonce, Rice, Elevator Videos.”

Forget Tradition, Women in Nigeria Can Now Inherit From Their Fathers

I often joke that while most Nigerian men do all in their power to have male children who will carry on the family name when they are gone, most times, what they leave when they die are sons who care little about maintaining their fathers’ legacy except the ones that come with the wealth leftContinue reading “Forget Tradition, Women in Nigeria Can Now Inherit From Their Fathers”

Small Acts of Kindness, Life-Changing Results

It was 1974. Muhammad Yunus (Ammad)was teaching Economics in a University in Bangladesh. At the time, the country was in the middle of a terrible famine. Though he taught the elegant principles of Economics to his students, the reality of people living in destitution outside the campus perturbed him. Ammad reasoned that he could applyContinue reading “Small Acts of Kindness, Life-Changing Results”

DO IT ANYWAY By Mother Teresa

Just thought I should share this beautiful poem by mother Teresa with you. People are often unreasonable, illogical and self centered; Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway. If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway.Continue reading “DO IT ANYWAY By Mother Teresa”

We Eat More Sugar Than We Realize

We know sugar is bad for us and most of us know to skip adding sugar cubes when we take tea and coffee. But how about the ones manufacturers add to the processed foods we eat? The daily amount of sugar intake recommended by the World Health Organization is 25g, approximately 6 cubes of sugar.Continue reading “We Eat More Sugar Than We Realize”