Answers to a Riddle Show Gender Bias And Cultural, Genaration Gap

A young boy and his father are involved in a car accident. The father dies at the scene. The boy is transported to the hospital, taken immediately into surgery… but the surgeon steps out of the operating room and says, “I can’t operate on this boy – he is my son!”. Who is the surgeon?Continue reading “Answers to a Riddle Show Gender Bias And Cultural, Genaration Gap”

Another Way to Get a US Green Card

The demand for US visa by Nigerians has been so high in recent years that last year, Nigerian citizens did not qualify for the diversity visa lottery program. Many Nigerians get immigrant visa through their relatives who are United State citizens. But not everyone has an immediate relative that can petition on their behalf. Nonetheless,Continue reading “Another Way to Get a US Green Card”

CHIELO: One Little Girl’s Journey to Finding a Career

When she got older, Chielo was told that she never went to a nursery school, and that on her first day in primary school, she came home with illegible scrawls drawn haphazardly on her 20 Leaves notebook. When her sisters asked her what she had written, what the scrawls drawn in circular motions were, sheContinue reading “CHIELO: One Little Girl’s Journey to Finding a Career”

How Nigerian Universities Can Process Transcripts Promptly and Efficiently

People who graduated from certain schools often wish that their business with their alma mater ends with throwing up graduation caps into the air. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Pursing postgraduate education and job search both have a way of sending one back there. And for some, trying to get a transcript will haveContinue reading “How Nigerian Universities Can Process Transcripts Promptly and Efficiently”

Remebering Mr Nwosuagwu, Mrs Ekechukwu and Mazi Ubaka

Before writing this enrty, I searched the internet and found nothing on any of the above three, my secondary school teachers, who have all passed away. This is my little way of immortalizing them and making their legacies live. Mr Damian Nwosuagwu When Sir Nwosuagwu first came to our school, the rumor was that ourContinue reading “Remebering Mr Nwosuagwu, Mrs Ekechukwu and Mazi Ubaka”

A New, Convenient and Easy Way to Wash Bitter Leaves

Rolling out big mortars from the kitchen to the yard or balcony (depending on whether we were in the village or city); bruised knuckles from repeatedly rubbing my hands against the mortar; several visits to the room with a small sample of bitter leaf to ask my elder sister ‘O chalaa?’, ‘Is it done?’ –Continue reading “A New, Convenient and Easy Way to Wash Bitter Leaves”

Genevieve Nnaji: They Said She Said

I was watching a TV show today (July 3, 2015) when one of the co-hosts, Kelly, told a story of how while on Vacation in Utah with her husband, Mark, people she ran into kept asking her if she was there in Utah with Mark to which she replied, yes. Unknown to Kelly, Mark Wahlberg,Continue reading “Genevieve Nnaji: They Said She Said”

‘Hush….’: An Excerpt from a Priceless Book

When I was in secondary school, I had a teacher whom I thought was irreligious (just indifferent to it but not to the point of profanity). My perception of him, stemmed from his actions, was that he was one of those people who were naturally good and would irrespective of their religious convictions be decentContinue reading “‘Hush….’: An Excerpt from a Priceless Book”

In Defence of ‘Ms’ Chimamanda ‘Adichie’: A Look at Our Obsession with Titles in Nigeria

Someone I consider a literary mentor and friend who knows how much I love Chimamanda Adichie asked me sometime ago why Adichie doesn’t have a child yet. I should know because I google her every two or three days to see what article she has written for a newspaper, what talk she is giving nextContinue reading “In Defence of ‘Ms’ Chimamanda ‘Adichie’: A Look at Our Obsession with Titles in Nigeria”