A Natural Way to Reverse Diabetes

Pricking fingers to check blood glucose, downing pills every morning and evening, and injecting insulin–these are daily routines for over 350 million people who suffer from diabetes worldwide. Many more are prediabetic. Before now, it was generally believed that diabetes cannot be cured; that once diagnosed with diabetes, one can only manage it to preventContinue reading “A Natural Way to Reverse Diabetes”

Pls Dn’t Ryte Lk DS

It probably took you a while to understand the title of this post–“Please Don’t Write Like This.” That is what you subject your friends to when you sacrifice proper English on the altar of lols, imhos, and smiley faces (some of us can’t tell the difference between a smiling and a crying one). That isContinue reading “Pls Dn’t Ryte Lk DS”

Do You Know Your Car Plate Number?

Years ago, a lawyer told me a story of how once he was at a lawyers’ event when someone announced through the public address system that the person with car plate number so-and-so should step outside and repark his car which was blocking another car. After the announcement, nobody moved in their seats. It wasContinue reading “Do You Know Your Car Plate Number?”


Editor’s Note: This post is a contribution by a teenage guest writer Chinaza Anusionwu. I figured that as a teen she would do justice to the topic more than I could. She didn’t disappoint. I hope you show it to all the young people in your life so that they will be more careful withContinue reading “CHINAZA ANUSIONWU: TEN DANGERS OF SOCIAL MEDIA EVERY TEEN SHOULD KNOW”

Legal Reasons Why You Should Consider Deleting Your Facebook Account

Some months ago, I got a phone call from a married Facebook friend (She is more than a friend in real life). She was worried about a video–the content of which was akin to porn–that had been posted on her Facebook wall without her consent or knowledge. Though she didn’t know the actors in theContinue reading “Legal Reasons Why You Should Consider Deleting Your Facebook Account”