Hello and welcome to my blog:

I am Anne:  a Freelance Writer, Blogger and a Nigerian immigrant to the U.S.

I started this blog in 2014 when I was a stay-at-home mum, to encourage people to maximize their talents. Eventually, I myself was helped along the way. I got my first job in the U.S. through someone I met here. Since starting my day job, I have continued to write on this blog.

Through this medium, I reflect on law, life, and love. Law, because I am also a lawyer and I feel there is need to get non-lawyers to understand how the law works; life, because we only have one life to live; and love, because I agree with Harry D. Strunk that kindness is the rent we pay for the space we occupy on earth.

My work has appeared in leading publications including Huffington Post , BellaNaija, and Naked Convos.

By featuring stories of courage, success, and hope, we show that  we can achieve whatever goals we set for ourselves despite the unavoidable setbacks in life. The posts on this blog also aim to show that despite all that seems to be going wrong in the world – natural and man-made alike – so much good abound. Every minute a murder is committed, for example, there are thousands of doctors saving lives around the world; for every grenade thrown in a country at war, there are Red Cross volunteers working round the clock, and for every Shylock, there are millions of Good Samaritans. We applaud the good around us, hoping that it will trump evil in the end.

Thank you for visiting and may you leave this website better than you came.

Anne Mmeje


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