These Nigerian Celebrities Prove that Unrelaxed Black Hair is “New School”

Before the dawn of 21st century, afro-textured hair was unpopular. In Nigeria, it was associated, in a derogatory manner, with Deeper Life Christians. But in recent time, the trend which was once seen as unsophisticated is now popular among elites. A hair type which once characterized women deemed not well-versed in the ways of theContinue reading “These Nigerian Celebrities Prove that Unrelaxed Black Hair is “New School””

Twenty of My Favorite People/Sites on the Web

In other words, people and sites that distract me from blogging when I pick up the laptop to write. In no particular order, I present: 1. Except I make a mental note to discipline myself, I refresh several times a day to see what new entry they have posted. The site is Nigeria’sContinue reading “Twenty of My Favorite People/Sites on the Web”

Genevieve Nnaji: They Said She Said

I was watching a TV show today (July 3, 2015) when one of the co-hosts, Kelly, told a story of how while on Vacation in Utah with her husband, Mark, people she ran into kept asking her if she was there in Utah with Mark to which she replied, yes. Unknown to Kelly, Mark Wahlberg,Continue reading “Genevieve Nnaji: They Said She Said”