Alternative Forms of Dispute Resolution

Conflict is inevitable. Over the course of our lives, we disagree with our neighbors, co-workers, and family members.

Sometimes, businesses like insurance companies, hospitals, schools etc. fail to render stellar services. Other times, professionals like lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc. fail to live up to the ethics dictated by their profession.

Sometimes, conflicts are minor inconvenience. At other times, they are a matter of life and death. When we have a conflict, we can litigate it or mitigate its effects by exploring other options. Having seen how effective alternative forms of dispute resolution can be, I encourage everyone to explore it, if possible, before resorting to litigation.

When you are wronged by an act or omission of another party, consider presenting your case before them before presenting the case to a Judge. Alternative forms of dispute resolution like mediation save money, time and stress.

Many public agencies offer mediation services. If you need assistance finding one in your city, you may email me at and I can direct you to relevant resources.