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If you graduated from University of Nigeria, Nsukka, you are among the privileged few Nigerian graduates who can apply for their transcripts online. You don’t have to incur travel expenses traveling to Enugu or spend your hard-earned money on unofficial fees ‘settling’ university staff to get them to do their jobs.

UNN charges N15,000 to deliver transcripts within Nigeria, and N35,000 for international deliveries. That may sound like a lot but if you consider that you won’t expend money traveling to Enugu, missing work, etc, you will see that it is well worth it. You can use verve, visa, or master card to apply. The portal accepts payment only in naira at this time. If you are outside Nigeria, you will have to get someone in Nigeria to use their debit card to complete the transaction.

How to apply
To apply, click here. You will need to enter your matriculation number and other identifying information. You can apply for multiple transcripts at a time. Enter the name you used when you were in school. If you are a woman and you have married since graduating from UNN, use your maiden name as UNN does not know you by your marital name.

Student Copies
As at the time I wrote this post, the online application has no provision for student copies. However, UNN says you can apply online to have the official copy sent to you. Again, UNN alums are lucky the school doesn’t mind delivering the official copies to them. Many other schools insist alums come to them each time they need a transcript so they can deliver directly to the requesting institution.

Delivered transcripts are NON-RETURNABLE. Successful transcript orders cannot be cancelled. Successful payments cannot be reversed.

Successful orders are packaged and delivered to the address specified by an alum while placing the order. An alum is responsible and liable for any error in the specified delivery address and would have to pay any additional expense in getting the package re-delivered to an appropriate location.

Standard shipping ETAs (estimated time of arrival) apply to all orders and vary pending on the selected courier agent.

UNN promises to do everything it can to ensure its alumni have a positive experience in acquiring their transcripts.

6 responses to “How to Apply for Transcript from University of Nigeria, Nsukka”

  1. Chidimma Avatar

    I really enjoyed reading this, wish it applied to me……… very informative.


    1. annemmeje Avatar

      Right? Our alma mater has a long way to go. Thanks for commenting, Mma.


  2. Nneji Chinaza Cynthia Avatar
    Nneji Chinaza Cynthia

    I am very disappointed , the Unn transcript Department ain’t what they portray themselves as , I applied for my transcript since The 3rd of May , got emails confirmed payment, I was told I will be getting my transcript in less than one month, it’s almost 3 months now I haven’t got anything and they barely reply emails, this is very unprofessional, Nonsense I hate your services and please refund my money if you can’t give me my transcript thanks .


    1. Irem Ezinne Avatar
      Irem Ezinne

      I applied for my transcript since October 30th 2018. But it is yet to be sent and I need it urgently



    Please can one also make payment for the transcript via remitta platform?


  4. garotas de programa Avatar

    Essa postagem me fez filosofar sobre muita coisa.

    Além do assunto principal que é bastante bom, me fez rever a escrita porque você escreve bastante muito.


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